In-Process Inspections Build Quality In From the Start...

Inspections Clip - Circuit Boards


Long term reliability is built into electronics during the assembly process.

Quality cannot be re-worked into a circuit board.

To build it right the first time, we use several in-process inspections, such as:


Automated Optical Inspection

Unlike most of our competition, we choose to use our AOI in-line on the SMT line to ensure quality pre-reflow. This eliminates rework that might occur otherwise, and expedites delivery to you. AOI will detect missing, mis-aligned, backwards and wrong value components before they are soldered. The few defects found are transmitted to workstations where they are corrected, and feedback is given upstream to correct the cause.

We also use AOI for solder inspection post-reflow. 

X-Ray Inspection

It is impossible to see under a BGA or QFN without X-ray. Every lot we assemble goes through a First Article Process that Includes X-ray of qualifying components to detect and eliminate excessive voiding and refine the reflow profile at the beginning of the run. Upon the rare test failure, X-ray can help in troubleshooting as well.


Contact us for more information on our inspection processes and X-ray and Automated Optical Inspection.